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About the Pumps we supply

Brookwater Tanks can supply a variety of different pumps for your rainwater tank needs, but we specialise mainly in Grundfos and Davey pumps which are displayed below.

Prices start from $500 but your specific needs will always be taken into consideration.

Grundfos Pump

Grundfos Pumps - these pumps are high quality German pumps, compact
in size and very robust. They are suitable for domestic water supply systems
and when in operation, produce low noise.  These pumps have an automatic
start / stop when equipped with Presscontrol and provide ample water
pressure for your watering requirements.

Davey Pump

Davey Pumps - these pumps are also a high quality pump suitable for
rainwater tanks.They provide ample water pressure to power a garden
hose with a spray nozzel for washing cars, garden watering as well as
sprinklers and garden irrigation systems.

We like to discuss your rainwater tank and pump requirements with you personally, because everyone's needs are different. So give Mark a call on 1300 134 234 or send us an email enquiry with your details.