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Rainwater Tank Accessories

When customers purchase a rainwater tank from us they often purchase one of the following accessories.

The most popular rainwater tank accessories we sell are listed below.

The First Flush Water Diverter is a necessary accessory if you want good quality water. Installing a water diverter will not only provide better water quality but it can help to protect your water pump and increase the life of your water tank.

It reduces the amount of bacteria in your tank water that comes from the pollutant materials that accumulate on your roof over a period of time. Materials such as leaves, insects, bird droppings, sediment and heavy metals that end up in your gutters and eventually in your tank water after it rains.


A Leaf Eater Rain Head is a filtering system fitted to the downpipes that protects the pipe system from mosquitos and other pests. When a leaf eater rain head is installed it stops gutters from becoming blocked and the eaves from flooding. Leaves and other debris are diverted away from the flow of water, this improves the quality of water in your rainwater tank and will also increase the life of your water tank.





Pump Covers help to reduce noise and protect the pump from the elements. They are durable and available in six different colours.

Contact us for more information about our first flush water diverter, leaf eater rain head and pump covers.